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The history

We love the studios with their smell of turpentine and pinewood. We love the frescoes of Pompeii, whose artists reproduce countless bottles of perfume. We remember the aromas of ancient Egypt as they are seen in hieroglyphics. Art… art… art… surrounded with a pulsating aroma. Inspired by traversing the artist’s soul, with sensations both new and forgotten. Creating the need to express them in painting.

The Aim

Our aim is to unite the arts of the perfumer with a pictorial creation. We don’t believe this to be an easy task. Not that every trial is crowned with success. This is why we use all our knowledge in an endless search for top quality components such as saffron, white truffle and oud de Laos. Such ingredients are only trusted to authentic perfumers. We offer these aromas, developed especially for Scent on Canvas, to famous painters who use the olfactory experience to free the imagination and create on canvas. The pigments used in the painting will suggest the name of the perfume (Rose opera) etc.

But not everything ends here because the canvas inspired by the perfume, and to which it has given its name, still continues to generate another work of art, an original engraving. The limited edition engravings are then used on the perfume packaging (as the petals of a flower embrace the heart of the fragrance). One only has to open out the box to see the work of art, signed, numbered and ready for framing.

The Idea

Combining arts can produce unknown harmonies. Our poly-sensual project is intended to bring out the inherent sensitivity in creative people and embrace life.

—Béatrice Aguilar-Cassarà—

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  • This fragrance blends with the freshness of your skin and embraces you in an intense and subtle dance. To dance in an early spring morning among flowers – this is the aroma Beatrice Aguilar created in a composition that is between intensity and a caress, passion and sweetness, simplicity and sophistication.

    Scent on Canvas
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  • A passionate awakening with the notes of saffron on your skin – you are the temptation!. It was the explosion of beauty in a field of saffron that captured the senses of the famous oriental master perfumer, Jórdi Fernandez.

    Scent on Canvas
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  • In the depths, the diamond was born and appeared as golden dew in the woods. This is the fragrance of mysterious truth.

    Scent on Canvas
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