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Workshop for Companies

Le Secret du Marais proposes to organize perfume workshops (for companies / employees / clients) around a cocktail from 20:30 to 22:30 (when the store is closed) during week days.

The programme:

20h30 to 21h00
- Arrival and greeting of guests around a cocktail
- Perfume diagnosis on iPads for all participants

21h00 to 21h30
- Perfumery initiation by one of Le Secret du Marais co-founders: overview of the job of a nose, initiation to raw materials, Q&As with one of the perfumers of Nose.

21h30 to 22h30
- Each participant discovers their recommended perfumes with additional recommendations from the team of perfume experts.
- After deliberation, each participant leaves with a new beloved perfume of their choice (or a gift card that can be used at later time) within the budget limit pre-negotiated before hosting the event.

- Price per participant (a part from cocktails, catering, and other options): 100€ + IVA.
- A gift card of the same amount (100€ + IVA) is offered to each participant.

For more informations or to make a reservation :