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  • A vibrant citrus marine fragrance reflecting a journey of discovery across the Ligurian Sea. ‘Neroli Voyage’ draws inspiration from the beautifully scented orange blossom trees that grow along the Ligurian coastline of France and Italy, on a voyage of ancestry and scent.

    Floris London
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  • 23NAO - North Atlantic Ocean - Eau de parfum (unisex). North Atlantic ozonic molecules meekly touch your skin. Plankton streams crash violently against majestic statues carved with cedar wood. Adventures of overseas species that invade the depth of your being leave an everlasting mark. The brave sun and the subtlety of the gentle sea breeze. 

    Agua de Surf
    117,00 €
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  • Extrait de Parfum.  The 8th fragrance in Thameen’s unique ‘Treasure’ Collection, ‘Green Pearl’ is inspired by the ‘Yemengzhu’, the legendary luminous Chinese ‘pearls’ of green fluorite. 

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  • Extrait de Parfum. This bottle of perfume is part of the project Nasomatto. It’s a result of a quest to find a vanishing point in nature, the translucence of our senses, nude desire. 

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  • Imagine a scorching summer evening as the Mediterranean sea spray mingles with the spicy scent of ginger lilies. Edouard Fléchier's creation is an impressionistic scent, a tribute to this opulent white flower –– but done in a new way –– with a fresh accent. Orange blossom gives way to a marine top note. One inhales the froth of the lily with hints of musk...

    Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums
    135,00 €
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  • The sea waves that brake on the shore donate new shells, with a multitude of sizes and shapes, to the sand that glimmers in the morning sun of August. In the desert beach flutter heedlessness and freedom.

    Pro Fumum Roma
    219,00 €
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  • A harmony of Ferns - Lavanda, Geranium, Patchouli, Oakmoss - on a base of Sea freshness and cool Musk.

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  • Eau de Parfum. A white floral fragrance inspired by the tragic predicament of Madame Butterfly. In honour of truth and beauty, her poetic love and sorrow echo eternally

    300,00 €
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  • An olfactory work on a theme rarely visited, that of the Far East, dreamed of, idealized and in the end a poetic fragrance and of an extreme sophistication but above all joyful and happy.

    225,00 €
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  • Eau de Parfum. On the mood of those beautiful long white sand beaches with a light sea breeze

    Comporta Perfumes
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  • Eau de Parfum. Water Calligraphy pays homage to water, the essential element of calligraphy. To open, fresh Grapefruit zest and sparkling Reseda blossom are underlined by dewy Water Lily to awaken the senses.

    By Kilian
    235,00 €
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    Eau de Parfum (woody , aqueous).  Sel Marin opens on fresh and intense citrus notes of lemon and bergamot, giving the fragrance its green and aquatic character. Vetiver, cedar and birch notes remind of floating wood dried by a salty sea breeze on the sandy beach.

    130,00 €
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  • A fresh, sensual and refined scent that will be remembered.Amongst the top notes, scents of bergamot and mandarin sublimated by a touch of aromatic water offer a unique combination. The heart notes that give Percival its character and depth offer a blend of natural jasmine, violet and geranium overlapping with lavender, coriander and cinnamon.

    Parfums de Marly
    160,00 €
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  • Sights. It is an eternal feeling, endless breathing, a call towards all and nothing - here, there, everywhere. The sea takes you to the shores of new lands, and calls you to meet down there - Through the salty layers towards the deep, pristine prayers. The wholeness of the sea does not need an explanation.

    Orto Parisi
    138,00 €
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  • A musky salt aquatic and sensual ... He kept his code name that sums it up so well. SWIM / SX (for SPORT SEXY) evokes a sensual after-sun and tells us about a man or a woman after a sea bath ... its salty and desirable skin.

    Pierre Guillaume
    104,00 €
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  • Aventus Cologne is a new universal legend that perfectly complements its counterparts while providing an expressive and unconventional fresh olfactive experience entirely of its own. Aventus Cologne bottles the defining moments of individuality and one’s journey to own it.

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  • Rose Saltifolia is Crystalline Sparkling, zesty, slightly fruity, floral, luminous, pure, silky, enveloping…Inspired by a surprising stroll on the seaside among a field of roses, this original creation of Maison Crivelli combines the most precious rose absolute (Centifolia rose from Grasse, in the French Riviera) with seaweed, to create a unique rose...

    Maison Crivelli
    80,00 €
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  • A subtle mixture of classic and modern. The lightness of citrus sets off the power of mint.Hivernal® Neo reinvents the feeling of water. Sedley encapsulates in its olfactory DNA, the balance between opposites right, where noble materials and futurist molecules collide.

    Parfums de Marly
    205,00 €
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