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  • Eau de Parfum. This is a perfume composed exclusively of synthetic molecules and inspired by the universal principle of Yang. Solar Ozonic strength encounters the subtle transparency of the Aldehyde attraction to attain a fresh Minerality. Solar, Ozonic Citrusy, Floral Aldehyde and Mineral, a perfume that is almost imaginary.

    Histoires de Parfums
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    Alber Elbaz, an illustrious fashion designer, has met his match in the perfume world. The fruit of this unique collaboration, born from the convergence of creative vision, mutual admiration and respect, is the scent of a dress: elusive and unidentifiable, one of life’s many mysteries.

    Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums
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  • A fresh and flowery chypre with lemony top notes over an aldehyde and musky base.“Gin Fizz by the house of Lubin has been on the market since July 2009 (actualized by Thomas Fontaine), in amounts of 50 and 100 ml EDT. In 1955, one movie star captivated the crowds. To the entire world she was the embodiment of American elegance and her mysterious charm...

    Lubin Paris
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  • Eau de Toilette. The idea for it poured out of a Caipirinha cocktail in Brazil: samba on the beach, bursts of orange and blue in low light, crashing waves and the ecstatic laughs of the young and sexy. It’s dramatic, festive and colorful, what Frédéric likes to call “clean sex appeal”. 

    Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums
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  • Like blood, sweat, sperm and saliva, this disturbing perfume is an ode to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, that extraordinary mo­ment when desire triumphs over reason.

    Etat Libre d'Orange
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  • Eau de Parfum (Aldehidic, floral). Luxury day wear, a fragrance tha is both vibrant and sophisticated. A perfect complement to Amouage Gold. Nose: Jean Claude Ellena

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  • Iris expresses raw classical beauty. Tonka bean, musk and vanilla bring softness and warmth, while the base of sandalwood and vetiver adds a melodious resonance. If Pierre Bourdon's Iris Poudre were a garment, it would be a cashmere sweater –– classic  but personal, appropriate for most occasions, something one never tires of. It is a magnificent floral...

    Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums
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  • Methaldone represents the scents of the International Space Station: DYNAMONE® BELAMBRE®. But also the modern addictions, and especially the addiction to money and success by its characteristic scent of metal of coins, dollars, etc.

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  • Gold is a classic oriental fragrance, rich in splendour and sophistication, created for the most special luxurious evening occasion .

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  • Andy Tauer describes his newest perfume, 14 Noontide Petals: "With Noontide Petals, I am referring to a glittering age of perfumery. Then, in the first quarter of the last century, aldehydes found their way into some of the most beautiful fragrances. It was like turning on the light in a dim room. Aldehydes allowed to create the most stunning effects in...

    Andy Tauer Perfumes
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  • Eau de Cologne. With the launch of Mister Marvelous, Byredo's founder, Ben Gorham, has chosen to highlight a male figure who currently embodies his idea of this fragrance. The first ever Mister Marvelous features world renowned hair stylist Christiaan Houtenbos.

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  • Jardins d’Ecrivains puts its own interpretation on the fascinating Virginia Woolf fantasy. An androgynous character with eternal youth, Lord Orlando in the Elizabethan era becomes Lady Orlando in the 18th century.

    Jardins D´Écrivains
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  • Eau de Toilette (floral, aldehyc). Originally created in 1890 for Russia’s Grand Duke Orloff and named ‘Orloff Special’. A refreshing citrus blend of bergamot and orange with petitgrain introduce the heart of neroli, lavender and geranium in this floral cologne.

    Floris London
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  • Extrait de Parfum. Inspired by the mysterious Patiala necklace of India, this new fragrance from British niche fragrance brand Thameen London has been created to elate and energise those who wear it. Like the necklace, Patiala is a manifestation of true craftsmanship and a mark of true sophistication.

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