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    Pai BioRegenerate™ Rosehip Oil is rich in concentrated Trans-Retinoic Acid, an essential fuel for the skin's natural repair function. Rosehip is the ultimate skin multi-tasker. With regular use, it conditions the skin, improving skin firmness and elasticity.

    Pai Skincare
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  • Blended with a base of cold pressed grape seed oil your skin will soak up Superstar retinoid night oil, reducing pore size, tightening the skin whilst improving elasticity. Cold pressed, organic rosehip oil, carrot oil and sunflower oil are all excellent anti – ageing oils. 

    Pestle & Mortar
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  • UNIC CLEAR&CLEAN Serum, formulated with 20% Glycolic Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) with a powerful hydrating, rejuvenating and regenerating action for collagen and elastin fibers, which work together to create skin strength, firmness, and shape.         

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