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  • AFFINESSENCE has selected three Natural Essences of CEDAR (Moroccan Atlas, Texas and Virginia) and blended them with precision to enhance the vibrancy of the most precious and refined Natural ingredient: Pallida IRIS or Florentine Iris Absolute.

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    Molecule 01 consists of one single ingredient, which is known as Iso E Super in the fragrance industry. On its own it is less of an aroma than an effect.

    Escentric Molecules
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  • Eau de Parfum. Swirls of vibrant wood. Super Cedar, evocative of log cabins and Scandinavian furniture, cedar adds warmth to the overtly modern. In the perfumer’s palette, it has the power to inject energy and lend verticality to a fragrance.

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  • Rather than the traditional top-to-bottom fragrance pyramid, Escentric 01 focuses on a long, lingering base note composed of warm musk and woody tones.

    Escentric Molecules
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  • ROMANTIC MEMORIES OF VINTAGE PARIS Annie Buzantian from New York succeeded in creating a Perfume that revives the rich beauty of a bygone era. OPARDU has an instant hypnotizing effect that evokes memories of love, romance and seduction. OPARDU is full and lush and as the scent wears on, the more ethereal elements continue to shine.

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  • At Frapin, we work and live far from the major cities. Our personal and professional lives follow the circadian rhythm of days and nights, the changing of the seasons, the wind blowing in the trees. This closeness to nature sustains us more than one might think. We model nature and are modelled by it, surrounded as we are by meadows, vines, rivers and woods.

    Frapin Perfume
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