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Honour 43 Woman

455,00 €

Originally created as a Venusian ode to the fate of Madame Butterfly, Honour Woman
(2011) is a consecration of poetry, beauty and femininity. A decade later, presented in a 43% perfume oil concentration, Honour 43 Woman is perfumer Alexandra Carlin’s elevated interpretation of Amouage’s heady white floral perfume. 

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Taking it to new heights, the white flowers - Jasmine, Tuberose, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley – have been taken through a slow yet active aging process, keeping each fragile note alive and bafflingly, insolently, youthful. The four floral essences continue to evolve and be magnified: aged and richer, yet more energized. This is the confounding paradox of Honour 43 Woman and it makes the sensorial experience totally different.

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Honour 43 Woman

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