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Noontide Petals

119,00 €

50 ml

Andy Tauer describes his newest perfume, 14 Noontide Petals: "With Noontide Petals, I am referring to a glittering age of perfumery. Then, in the first quarter of the last century, aldehydes found their way into some of the most beautiful fragrances. It was like turning on the light in a dim room. Aldehydes allowed to create the most stunning effects in perfumery, never experienced before.

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Together with and complementing the distinguished beauty of natural extracts of flower petals, leaves and precious woods, they were and still are the key to noble glamour.
Referring back in time, Noontide Petals is a bright, brilliantly glittering fragrance with a modern twist. It opens with the sparkling splendor of aldehydes, joyous and elegant, softened by Bergamot and Bourbon geranium. These bright head notes shine on a refined and gentle chord of flower petals, composed of rose, ylang, tuberose and jasmine. The body of the fragrance underlines the unisex character of Noontide Petals: It is a soft and sensual patchouli, powdery vanilla and rich sandalwood chord that plays with vibrating frankincense, with hints of iris, vetiver and styrax adding a bright twist."

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Noontide Petals