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Phyto-Aromatic Fluid of Rare and Precious Oils

79,00 €

A light fluid with very concentrated active elements: anti- ageing, anti- oxidants, tensors and remineralisers. It has a satin finish and is not oily. Perfect for any time of day: lights up, repairs, tenses, remineralises and protects the skin from the sun. 

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 A very good base for the make- up as it improves its adherence to the skin and makes it more luminous and lasting. It can be used over the regular moisturiser (for a perfect finish to smooth and glossy skin) or directly on clean skin when the skin especially needs extra vitality and luminosity. It moisturises without being oily, erases marks of tiredness, re- energises the skin and immediately produces a feeling of comfort. A very special gift for the skin that we can offer you for your daily skin care – a really luxury for your skin.

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Phyto-Aromatic Fluid of Rare and Precious Oils