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Divine Cream for the Skin Around the Eyes and Lips.

86,00 €

15 ml

This is a rich, velvety cream especially formulated for the delicate eye area, as well as the skin above the upper lip where bar code wrinkles appear. It is nourishing and easily absorbed, an authentic explosion of moisturing, regenerative and wrinkle fighting agents.

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It restructures, regenerates, moisturizes, protects, peels and decongests, and has potent force to fight free radicals. It slows down the pace of skin aging on a cellular level with its antioxidant properties. It provides immediate relief and profound treatment, thanks to its latest-generation naturally active ingredients such as NOCODE, which helps to rejuvenate the face and to recognizably diminish the age-related wrinkles that rapidly appear above the upper lip, as well as LIGNANO, an ingredient derived from sesame, which promotes the activation of vital cellular processes in order for the subcutaneous tissue to actively secrete a substance that functions as an authentic fine wrinkle filler. It also includes CERNICLEAR, a natural anti-wrinkle formula derived from white bird of paradise blooms that decongest and clear up dark circles, lightening their appearance and reducing the swelling in the undereye area where bags form. It is the perfect cream for day and nightime use as well as for any occasion, one that is especially useful as a base before applying make-up because it prevents dryness, which highlights the fine lines around the eyes.

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Divine Cream for the Skin Around the Eyes and Lips.