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Bioeffect OSA Water Mist.

45,00 €

60 ml

Facial mist. BIOEFFECT OSA WATER MIST is also made with pure, geologically filtered Icelandic water and hydrates and balances the skin, easing dryness and discomfort. Containing orthosilicic acid (OSA) which is a bioavailable form of silica that the skin absorbs, unlike other forms of the substance. 

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OSA is quite rare in nature, however, it can be found in high-temperature geothermal steam in Iceland. It also includes optimized hyaluronic acid for around the clock hydration.

Water is the key to life and to healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin. This year, in honor of this outstanding natural resource BIOEFFECT launches two new additions to the BIOEFFECT Cleansing Line; BIOEFFECT Micellar Cleansing Water and BIOEFFECT OSA Water Mist, that join the existing BIOEFFECT Volcanic Exfoliator. Clean water is one of the world‘s primary concerns and there are few places in the world with water as pure as Iceland’s. It is both sustainable and purified by nature as surface water is geologically filtered through layers of inert volcanic lava over time resulting in pristine groundwater. It is Iceland‘s most pure and precious natural resources and deserves to be honored.


Refreshes, hydrates and rebalances the skin
Firming effect
Mattifying effect
Contains optimized hyaluronic acid
Contains bio-available orthosilicic acid


Use as often as desired
Suitable for all skin types and ages
Fragrance- and alcohol-free

Close your eyes and apply two to three sprays to your face and neck. Let absorb and gently blot excess with a clean tissue if necessary. Repeat as often as desired. Also recommended to mist on clean skin after using BIOEFFECT Micellar Cleansing Water for optimal cleansing and maximizing our serums’ efficacy.


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Bioeffect OSA Water Mist.