Color Scheme

Other color schemes can be added.

The saple service in temporarily canceled

We know you would like to test many of our products. Therefore, with your order, we will send you two free samples of your choice. Except in orders that are exclusively of samples 2 ml.

You can do it, telling us what products do you want to test in "observations" section while you're ordering. We will take care of this! Maybe, you want some tips. In that case, you can tell us and our experts will be happy to advice you.
Rarely, some products haven't available samples, because of this fact, we can't send them.

The 2ml sample formats is an exclusive online sales product, they are not available in our physical store except in the cases in which the option collected in store has been chosen.

- The vials we have are 2ml capacity, so in orders of "Sample 1ml" they will be 1/2 filled.