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Cream Extreme Maintenance

134,00 €

50 ml

Anti-Ageing Formula with a protective shield - intensely moisturizing, especially for dry and sensitive skin.

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Dr Sebagh


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Environmental Protection Film

Extreme Maintenance provides protection against the environment on two levels:

Polysaccharide E.P.F, created using bio-technology acts as a shield and protects the skin against environmental pollution – UV rays, heavy metals and free-radicals, air conditioning etc...

Replenishes the skin's barrier

Ceramide-Like and Linoleic Acid, (obtained from bio-technology from stabilised Omega 6), make up about half of the structural lipids in the skin barrier. Applied topically, Ceramide-Like replenishes the skin with natural lipids, smoothes the rough, dry surface cells and seals the skin's barrier to trap moisture.

Provides essential moisture

Hyaluronic Acid, naturally present in the skin is a powerful hydrator. Like a biological sponge it is capable of both attracting and retaining moisture within the epidermis.


Improves skin firmness, tone and texture

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Omega 3 & Omega 6 help to improve elasticity and skin smoothness. Rich in essential fatty acids, the complex moisturises, hydrates and helps to firm the skin whilst regenerating and repairing the skin barrier.

Repairs and seals the skin barrier

Phytosqualan, a highly concentrated vegetable substance, is one of the main components of the human sebum and hydrolipidic film. Its multi-functional purpose prevents moisture loss and restores the skin's suppleness and flexibility.


New powerful anti-oxidant

The latest patented technology from France, Green coffee extract acts as a second line of defence, eliminating free radical inflammatory reaction caused by exposure to external aggressions. Created using bio-technology, this new form of Polysaccharide acts as a 'second to limit the effects of external aggressions on the skin throughout the day.

Improves skin firmness, tone and texture

Hazelnut Oligopeptides, (rich in arginine, praline, glutamic acid and aspartic acid) are a veritable vegetal growth factor that increase collagen neosynthesis and epidermal lipids, helping to restore firmer, better-toned skin tissue.

Boosts and protects the collagen matrix

Trylagen, a combination of active peptides and proteins, is designed to boost the synthesis of collagen helping to increase the levels lost due to the ageing process.

Regenerate skin renewal

Antarticine, a key healing ingredient with anti-wrinkle properties, not only helps the skin retain water, preventing it from dehydration, it also helps to regenerate the skin's tissues enabling a faster healing process.

Dr Sebagh says:

The ultimate nourishing cream to intensely moisturise even the most dry and sensitive skins. For added super-hydration, mix a dose of Serum Repair with the cream for a plumper skin.



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Cream Extreme Maintenance