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Fragrance Workshop Discover the universe of perfumes

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A travel around the world of fragrances and their raw materials....

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Le Secret du Marais


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Discover the different facets of the perfume, its history, its creation, exploring the range of odors. Le Secret du Marais offers a unique opportunity to understand the olfactory universe, the perfumer's palette, the raw materials that make up our perfumes. What is the difference between an essential oil and absolute, an olfactory pyramid and a chord? How to capture the natural odors, manufacturing processes?We offer you more than 50 natural and synthetic raw materials to discover the exciting world of perfume in an interactive program that alternate theory and practice Blind Tasting.

Single or Group Session 1-4 people

Duration: 2h30

Location: In our boutique street Hortaleza, 75 in Madrid.

Appointment: Calling by phone at +34 913.100.133 

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Fragrance Workshop Discover the universe of perfumes