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Petit Matin

160,00 €

Eau de Parfum (woody, floral, citrusy). The atmosphere of “Petit Matin” is conveyed by the luminous energy of litsea cubeba from Indonesia and lemon from Calabria, the floral softness of hawthorn and lavandin from Provence combined with musky and ambery notes.

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Francis Kurkdjian


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Petit Matin & Grand Soir
“The freshness of an early morning. The radiance of a grand evening. I live to the rhythms of this enchanting and luminous Paris. I love these unique moments. They have inspired me the creation of this duo of fragrances, to be worn and experienced like an olfactory escapade in the heart of the City of Light.” Francis Kurkdjian 
Petit Matin & Grand Soir… the lights of Paris. Rise at dawn and escape into the delicious freshness of a Paris still cast in the first light of day. Rediscover a taste for fine things and wander through the empty streets and archways. Take the time to have coffee on a terrace, or read and daydream in a park. Shiver at the first glow of daylight and dive into the excitement of the day ahead. The grand evening, at last. Polish your look and experience unique moments in a magical Paris whose bridges and monuments shine like a thousand stars. Indulge wholeheartedly in a whirlwind of pleasures. Go out, vibrate and live to the rhythm of the energy and mysteries of the City of Light, until you surrender to the night’s meanderings.

*Available August 1th

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Petit Matin

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