A tribute to the origins of the Frapin family, who settled in the Charente in 1270, and to the Folle Blanche, the grape variety once planted in our vineyards. Mouth-watering fruit, nut, spice and vanilla accords conjure the complex aroma developed by the oldest cognacs.
A distillation of gourmand pleasures, re-orchestrated by Sidonie Lancesseur.

1270 is so delicious you won't know whether to drink it or spray it on your skin. Its warm-hued palette of flavours runs from golden pineapple to candied orange, ambery raisins, purple prunes and russet hazelnuts to the roasted duskiness of cocoa and coffee.
The light scent of the vine flower and the honeyed fragrance of the lime blossom melting into a white honey accord blow a gentle spring breeze on this fall-tinged fragrance; the smoky vanilla facets of gaiac wood conjure a crackling blaze of vine shoots in the chimney? 
To turn your skin into a sensuous feast, with a French touch of elegance...?


Olfactive Family
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