L'Humaniste Extrême

L'Humaniste Extrême

L'Humaniste is, by now, a classic of perfumery embodying the values instilled by François Rabelais, an eminent member of the Frapin family. Values of quality, elegance and timeless luxury.
At p Frapin & cie, our attachment to tradition is part of our genes, yet we also look resolutely to the future. It seemed natural to us to reinterpret this classic of niche perfumery in the light of our modernity.
L'Humaniste Extrême revisits freshness in perfumery, starting on top, as its illustrious predecessor, with notes of bergamot, lemon, pepper and pink berries, enhanced by a liquorous, powerful heart.
A fleshy note of quince, a hint of patchouli, melting with a comforting, elegant tolu balm, rounded out by a delightful accord of moss and Tonka bean.
L'Humaniste Extrême exudes a powerful freshness of elegance and refinement.


Olfactive Family
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