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Rubber Incense Marius & Jeannette

80,00 €

3*118 gr

The fragrance of Mediterranean summer can be captured in a drop of pastis, an anise-flavored liqueur. The exuberant and delicious sensation—both of the intoxicating drink and the warm Mediterranean sun—is captured by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic in Marius & Jeannette.

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The cool minty freshness underpinned by velvety floral notes is married with the shimmery notes of anise and licorice. The next best thing to having a glass of pastis at Café Sénéquier in St. Tropez.
Rubber Incense is a kind of high-tech version of a classic lavender sachet, designed to perfume small spaces like closets, dressing rooms or car interiors. This 118 g rubber mat releases perfume for a long time without using electricity or a refill. The idea originated from candle prototypes scented with Saint des Saints perfume hidden in Frédéric Malle’s closet. These candles emitted such a marvelous fragrance that opening the closet became a true pleasure. Rubber Incense was born. Saint des Saints is a mystical, sensual, warm and enveloping fragrance, inspired by the captured scents of several Indian temples. A precious and millennium mix of wood, incense and stone encapsulated in 100% recyclable plastic rubber. 

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Rubber Incense Marius & Jeannette

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