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French Lover Gel de Ducha

50,00 €

200 ml

A serene virility, brutal by the overdose of single notes and subtle due to the sophistication of the raw materials; French Lover is an ultimate man’s scent. Pierre Bourdon composed a powerful fragrance, sensual and refined, aromatic and spicy.

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Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums


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Its heart is built around angelica and its natural complements: cedar wood and vetiver. Faceted by an accord of Florentine iris, pimento and galbanum, this lies on a bed of patchouli, incense and musks. A fragrance with an unusual vegetal animality.

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French Lover Gel de Ducha

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  • Pierre Bourdon in an attempt to create the ultimate man’s scent linked angelica to some of its natural complements such as cedar wood and vetiver. He then refined this accord with iris from Florence, spiced it up with pimento and galbanum, and linked it to a mix of patchouli, incense and musks that generated this unusual vegetal animality.

    Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums
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