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Eau de Parfum (woody, oriental). Bruno Jovanovich, in this first perfume signed under his name, takes on patchouli, a symbol of classic perfumery. Monsieur, through its unique dosage (over 50% of patchouli obtained by molecular distillation) is to patchouli whar Carnal Flower is to tuberose.

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The perfumer purifies this material in the extreme and undertakes to embellish all its aspects:
The initial tangerine notes convey a particular freshness. These top notes mingle with the enigmatic and liquorish character of rum absolute, a link with the sea of patchouli that is the heart of the perfume. Substantial measures of cedar, suede, and frankincense create a sensuous and mystical vibration, while touches of modern amber confer a darker side to it. Hints of vanilla and musk tie everything together and tame this brute into a sensuous, magnetic and nonetheless civilized beast!
No one has dared to use patchouli in such a pure form since the 70s. 
Head Notes: Mandarin, Aldehyde, Rum Absolute, Patchouli MD, Saffron, Suede.
Heart Notes: Cedar
Base Notes: Incense, Vanilla, Amber. 

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