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Bath Salts

23,00 €

350 gr

There is no substitle for a summer dip in Ibiza´s crystalline waters, but Hierbas de ibiza Bath Salts will bring the healthy properties of sea bathing back to your home at any times of year, wherever you live.

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Hierbas de Ibiza


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We make our bath salts from the precious salt of "Las Salinas" (Ibiza´s salt flats) which were hasrcested and praised by the Phoenicians in 700 B.C. This salt is a natural treasure of outstanding purity: the intense sun and rich ecosystem peculiar to Ibiza´s seawater -the marine fields of Posidonia seaweed haver been declared a World Natural Heritage Site by Unesco- gives us a unique salt due to the high concentration of its elements.

*Not available for shipments outside Spain

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Bath Salts

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