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Noir Patchouli

105,00 €

Eau de Parfum. The patchouli flower, grown in the East, exhales an intense and bewitching scent from its leaves. Wooded « Chypre »-like, this elixir stimulates the senses. A breath of mystery, as deep as black absorbing the light.

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Black: In the Occidental symbolic, black is associated with darkness, the unknown, what’s hidden, unseen, the unexplained. It is also a symbol of strength, dignity, power and revolt
Top Note: Patchouli, Coriander, Cardamom
Heart Note: Patchouli, Bunch of Flowers, Berries
Base Note: Patchouli, Musk, Leather, Vanilla


Excelente pachulí.

Me ha parecido una excelente fragancia, la nota de pachulí se mezcla en su inicio con cardamomo para posteriormente mezclarse con notas florales, exquisito. Más tarde incluso noto un almizcle tenue que le queda genial.
El trato con le secret du marais como siempre exquisito, repetiré.

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Noir Patchouli