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Bronz Impulse

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150 ml

UVinCellium Bronzant is a pre-tanning treatment which stimulates the tanning process by reinforcing your skin's natural defences. This award-winning tan accelerating spray activates the skins natural pigmentation process for a deep, long-lasting tan. 

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Institut Esthederm


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Featuring Institut Esthederm’s patented UV inCellium Technology, UVinCellium Bronzant protects the skin from UV aggressors whilst Adaptasun Technology optimises tanning and strengthens the skins natural protection. UVinCellium Bronzant invigorates the skin and helps to prevent cellular damage and signs of photo-ageing. Perfect for preparing the skin for sun exposure before going away, UVinCellium Bronzant sprays onto the skin as an instant refreshment and dries almost instantly.

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Bronz Impulse