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Dom Rosa

180,00 €

100 ml

Eau de Parfum (fruity woody).Champagne Rosé. The scent of a rose sacrificed for the beauty of wine. An age-old Champagne ritual. Flower of passion, it’s excitement gives way to a romantic and mysterious charm. A perfume for passion.

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2ndTrilogy: EAUX SANGUINES This trilogy draws its inspiration from holy wine. Just like wine, perfume is a blend and the best are created through human expertise and nature’s nurture. Eaux Sanguines are scented red juices, as intoxicating as passion, penetrating like a wound or a betrayal, as passionate as a victory, a triumphal perfume!
Head Notes: Champagne Accord, Grapefruit, Pear Accord
Heart Notes: Damascena Rose, Clove, Incense
Base Notes: Woody Accord, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Gayac Wood.

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Dom Rosa