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Fleur Diamantine

80,00 €

Fleur Diamantine is Ethereal. This facetted and delicate creation is inspired by the discovery of a white garden, refreshed by a breath of pollen floating in the air. Jasmin is freshened by mint, neroli is softened by a silky note of bitter almond… Those contrasts enchant the senses with their beauty and their modernity.

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Maison Crivelli


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Floral levitation, crumpled mint, iced saffron. Suspended time. Mellow white paradise: a neroli descant, whispering, iridescent jasmine. A wall of fresh moss, fluttering corollas, a feathery sheen.

Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour.



Perfume transparente, como un vuelo.,delicadísimo en mi piel, enamorada de esta fragancia

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Fleur Diamantine