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Aoud Safran

110,00 €

An exceptional combination of three materials with powerful spiritual impact: the Red Gold – the Saffron - the mystical Aoud and the Roses from Arabia for a highly sensual fragrance.



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  • Eau de Parfum. The sensuality of a very precious Aoud from the mountains of Pakistan, freshened with notes of Indian Roses and Italian Iris, on an Amber, Patchouli and Sandalwood base, with a touch of Saffron.

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  • Black Saffron, an oriental composition, opens with the bright citrus note of the Asian Pomelo and crisp Juniper Berries, mellowed into a golden silage by Kashmiri Saffron. At its heart, lies Black Violet fused with a Leather Accord, their dark, dry composition born aloft by the delicate transparency of Cristal Rose.

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  • Eau de Parfum. A fragrance story sketched between the fine-grained sand of the desert dunes, the fragrant harmattan wind and the star-studded night – an opulent Arabian perfume born from a western sensitivity. Safron - Elemi gum from the Philippines - Oud from Laos - Cedar wood frol the Atlas - Indonesian Patchouli

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  • Oud, a rare resin released by Aquilaria tree species, has a fragrance of such haunting beauty that it has inspired many legends and stories. Robert Piguet Parfums creates its own fairytale by weaving an opulent tapestry of oud and precious aromatics.

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  • Eau de Parfum. Rose Oud by Kilian is a more feminine interpretation of Oud, perfected through the combination of Rose oils from both Turkey and Grasse in France. The unexpected encounter of these two roses, combined with the Oud, give birth to a mysterious, sensual and bewitching scent, yet comfortably familiar.

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