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Still Life in Rio

140,00 €

100 ml

Eau de PArfum. While the art of light shines through this new creation, this sunny perfume is best described in terms of starlight, the primeval flicker.

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Exotic and luminous, Still Life in Rio is a new and unique scent that opens with yuzu, ginger, mint and lemon essence. It blossoms and heats up with a blend of peppers, Jamaican hot peppers and coconut water, finishing with rum and Brazilian Copaiba essences.


Dora Baghriche @ Firmenich

Top Notes: Yuzu, Ginger, Mint, Lemon, Mandarin
Heart Notes: Jamaican hot Peppers, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, Coconut Water
Base Notes: Rum, Brazilian Copaiba, Accord of White Leather



Flávio Veloso is a young Brazilian photographer who specialized in nature shots during his numerous trips in Brazil. Passionate about walking through the parks of Rio de Janeiro, he knew from an early age that photography would hold an important place in his life. He earned a degree in biology, another vantage point for viewing nature.

Now a professional photographer, he lives in Florianopolis and does photo-reportage in lush Brazilian forests while also expanding his collection of artistic photographs, which he regularly exhibits in galleries.

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Still Life in Rio