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Rose de Taif

145,00 €

100 ml

After discovering this rare, precious, unique rose our only wish is to present her in the universe of artistic perfumery. In Europe its impossible to sell pure essential oil in perfumery shops because it is forbidden by IFRA and by the European Cosmetic Laws. Consumers are also not accustomed to using perfumes in this form. 

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Perris Monte Carlo


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We have built our brand around the Rose de Taif with the objective to treat her as a precious diamond. Like a diamond needs a gold ring to be presented, we gave the Rose of Taif a central position in our accord in harmony with other raw materials that are able to highlight her beauty without any silhouettes.
Note opens with citrus accents of bitter lemon, accompanied by spicy notes of nutmeg spice. The heart exudes a rich and enveloping fragrance of rose, which brings softness and naturalness to the fragrance. The base note enriched by floral notes of rose absolute combined with musk transparency which gives character and persistence to the blend.
Head:Geranium, nutmeg, lemon
Heart : Taif rose essential oil
Base: Rose damask absolute and rose musk

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Rose de Taif