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Rose de Taif Extrait de Parfum

275,00 €

50 ml

Extrait de Parfum (floral). We have further intensified the concentration of precious rose essential oil and rose absolute, then introduced a more subtle concentration of lemon and geranium. The result is instantly recognisable, right from the first moment you are immersed in a garden of lavish roses, and this bouquet is everlasting right through the fragrance.


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Perris Monte Carlo


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Our Perris Monte Carlo Black Collection was created following extensive research into some of the world’s most exceptional raw materials and we are delighted that the outstanding quality of these fragrances has been recognised and appreciated by both the beauty industry and our customers. Now we would like to present these fragrances in their very purest concentration and offer customers the most extreme limit of quality possible.
Nothing has been left to chance and each formulation has been reanalysed and redesigned in order to be concentrated to a level of 30%. This was a very demanding challenge which has produced the most outstanding olfactory level while always respecting the legislative parameters which rule our profession.
We have also discovered some higher quality secondary raw materials and although these are not key ingredients in the formulation this has produced subtle nuances which differentiate to our Eau de Parfums. Using these new ingredients has tangibly enhanced the overall quality and concentration of the composition which has been increased to the minimum 50%.
Many people believe that an extract is a more invasive fragrance however in reality it is the exact opposite as Eau de Parfum carries a much higher concentration of alcohol which makes the raw materials more volatile, this can often force the head notes making them more powerful. With extract there is less alcohol, the ingredients are inherently more harmonious and better balanced, this higher concentration of perfume ensures a much greater hold over time and each note has the opportunity to shine through right from the first minute.
Reconstructing each composition, heightening the level of some ingredients and enhancing the quality of some secondary ingredients has made each fragrance even richer, even more opulent and totally captivating.

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Rose de Taif Extrait de Parfum