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Santal du Pacifique

145,00 €

100 ml

Eau de Parfum. Almost untouched by mankind, the paradise nature of the Pacific islands is alive and wild. Among millions of flora and fauna, few species have become as intrinsic to culture as the Sandal tree. Born south of The Tropic of Cancer, its role in Indian tradition dates far back in history where its warm, enchanting scent was believed to help delve into the depths of one’s being.

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Taking decades to ripen, the Sandal tree’s relationship with the perfumer is one of respect. The richest concentration of essential oil comes at the end of its life – when its leaves fall and the trunk dries, the perfumer knows the time has come. Santal du Pacifique is a hypnotic fragrance with a wooden velvet-like creamy character, embracing the wearer in familiar warmth – with floral notes heightening its mysterious, heady side with a slight sweetness.

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Santal du Pacifique