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Intime Adjective and noun. Literary Which corresponds to the deepest reality, the essence. Extime Adjective and noun. Relating to the part of intimacy which is voluntarily made public (as opposed to intimate): An extime diary.

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Pierre Guillaume


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Intime.Extime, when a perfume says everything about you… Intime.Extime is a powdery, floral and amber skin adornment evoking the movement of the pages of a diary expressed by a Iris Powder accord, Incense and Vanilla. Itauba Wood, refreshed with a dash of White Tea, infuses its exotic complexity.
Itauba Wood, when freshly cut, gives off a complex and singular fragrance. A key note of the Intime.Extime fragrance, it brings a depthand preciousness linked to the multitude of its exotic wood nuances.

Notes: White Tea, Iris Powder, Incense, Vanilla, Itauba Wood

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