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17 Tubéreuse Couture

105,00 €

Rigour, Purity, Distinctness…
By Cutivating the “Esprit Couture”, Pierre Guillaume pay a tribute to Indian Tuberose’s intoxicating perfume. An alluring and radiant nectar, imprinting
atmosphear with a hypnotic trail…

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Pierre Guillaume


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Kalamanzi Oil, Green Jasmin Shoots,
Ylang-Ylang, Sugar Cane, Indian Tuberose, Sumatra Benzoin and Papyrus

IMPORTANT: content natural compound Ilang-Ilang like, whose physico-chemical properties (including color) may vary according to lot and crops may cause a change in color of the fragrance that we do not compensate by adding dye/pigment .

A change in color of the yellow color does not affect the identity of the fragrance smell.

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17 Tubéreuse Couture