our bond will...silencethesea. silencethesea captures the intimacy of the lover's gaze: soundless, eternal, profound. The pure ambergris in silencethesea is the foundation for an arousing, animalic fragrance distilled from marine mysteries and subterranean depths. 

This provocative formula achieves its leathery edge by incorporating black oud and blue chamomile; gentle notes of natural narcissus, tuberose absolute, and mimosa place silencethesea in a class by itself. Musk, white truffle and purifying angelica further invigorate this daring fragrance.




I saw her from far away. Something about her was mysteriously intriguing; it could’ve been her soothing presence — her dangerous balancing act on the cliffs — or her unforeseen lust to explore the wild weather.
Something about her was intoxicating, and I felt the urge to get closer.
As if the storm could sense my desire, it intensified as we slowly moved closer.
She slips, and as she find her balance again, she looks up,
and in that moment our eyes met; there were no sounds...not that of the rain, not that of the waves crashing on the cliffs. Not even the wind was lost in her hair. It was just silence...
our silence, and the sea.

Olfactive Family
Marine - Aquatic
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