Volume 1 intelligence and fantasy

Volume 1. Intelligence & Fantasy

The launch of The Beautiful Mind fragrance series marks an unprecedented  collaboration between a well-known nose, a renowned graphic design company – and an intellectual prodigy.

They are, respectively, Berlin-based Geza Schoen, MeCompany in London and Christiane Stenger who, at the age of 12, became a Grandmaster of Memory and the Junior World Memory Champion at the World Memory Championships. She subsequently won the competition four more times. 

Schoen is well-known – some might say notorious – for the contrary positions he takes on fragrance industry conventions. That’s how he came up with the cult sensation Molecule 01 (and its partner Escentric 01) which has become famous – again, some might say notorious – with its global army of fans as the anti-fragrance. Schoen was interested in celebrating in scent women who had a truly special skill. It was around this time he came across a magazine article about Stenger, now 22 and a political science student in Munich. Several months later, she came to Berlin, and the duo spent the month of July 2007 working together on what would eventually become the Beautiful Mind.

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