The third chapter of the Assoluto Collection is Dubhe, star of the Ursa Major constellation and rich in history and secrets. In fact, in ancient times, Dubhe was a pole star and it will be again in 20500, due to the precession of the equinoxes. This magic star is constantly the subject of research, in the hope of finding its identity, similarly to Ursa in the Lina Collection, where the stylistic and creative research of Tiziana Terenzi constantly explores the inner depths of what is already a complex, irreverent fragrance.. The result is a memorable, cryptic, perhaps indecipherable composition, but one with a strong, regal character: wild yet gentle and refined at the same time. A perfume made with raw materials jealously and secretly guarded in the olfactory library of the Terenzi family for over 50 years; priceless oils subjected to slow maceration and the extra long aging of the rarest molecules contained therein, they give off scents that only time and the patience of those who are able to wait a lifetime can afford to invest. Outer space and the absolute silence that hovers among the bright stars have been reflecting on us for thousands of years and so they will continue to do so for a long time still. The beauty of the moment is contained in this jewel ampoule, in a drop of Assoluto.

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