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Beauty Mask. The term LED is an acronym of “Light Emitting Diode” and refers to a form of technology developed by NASA which enables the transmission of light of dierent colours or wavelengths. 

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The space agency undertook a series of experiments in which it shone red LED light onto a crop of radishes, discovering that plants which had been illuminated in this way contained more antioxidants than those which were grown under a dierent type of light. NASA subsequently proved the efectiveness of diodes for the treatment of skin conditions, with similarly pleasing results. Over the course of these studies, the benefits of LED light on the body’s tissue became clear, both in terms of repair and wound healing(1). NASA astronauts proved, when at a great distance from the Earth, that when they applied LED light to a wound, it would heal better and much more quickly. Following rigorous investigations, Medicine has discovered the numerous applications of this Technology. LED light therapy has been employed in the field of advanced Dermatology to treat illnesses as varied as skin cancer, acne and photo-aging(2)(3). Following some extremely satisfactory results, this technique is gaining a reputation as being a highly eective and non-invasive treatment, alternative to Hyaluronic Acid infiltrations and Botox, Chemical peeling or Laser resurfacing. In contrast to laser and IPL treatments, LED light is a visible form of light which does not heat the skin or cause pain and allows for the treatment to be carried out without the need for a recovery period. LED light triggers reactions at a cellular level in order to naturally boost the production of collagen and bring about tissue repair. Lasers give o harmful radiation and cause thermal burns. LEDs are devices made up of semiconductor diodes covered in transparent capsules which give o coherent and highly directional light. The eects of LED light treatment result in biomechanical improvements in the tissue exposed to the light thanks to intracellular stimulation, molecular reorganisation and the stimulation or suppression of certain cellular processes. The technique has dierent applications, depending on the colour of the LED light, to comprehensively treat all skin.

7 Skin Needs, / 7 Effective solutions

The mask’s LED light immediately starts stimulating the creation of collagen and elastin, eliminating collagenase (the enzyme responsible for the aging process), increasing the circulation of blood and providing you with a rejuvenated, radiant and healthy look. The use of the mask also supports an improved absorption of dermocosmetic products, as they will be activated by the light, creating a much more powerful eect. The Laboratory of UNICSKIN is specialised in the formulation of highly concentrated solutions, based on more than 30 dierent active principles and natural plants, to treat each skin type. Each person is unique and needs a specific LED light and a particular daily skin treatment. Find out the diverse functions of UNICLED KOREAN MASK and find your ideal Daily Skin Care Routine; find your Eective Solution.


Piel más jugosa

Fué mi regalo de navidad y estoy encantada, tengo la piel muy fina, y desde que la uso noto la piel más jugosa y lisa. La recomiendo 100%



Me encanta que tenga tantas posibilidades, es difícil encontrar 7 colores en una sola máscara. Estoy encantado con ella. Merece la pena

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