Cycle 002

Cycle 002

Radiant as a summer sun, bergamot gleams proudly atop CYCLE 002.Its black pepper, akin to a dry whirlwind, carries the spicy intensity ofvast desert expanses within its vortex. Within this olfactory panorama,chili and clove tenderly measure each other. Their union begets adelicate equilibrium, a dance between tension and comfort.
The essence of cumin introduces an earthy note, a distant envoy from a far greener realm. With CYCLE 002, incense transforms into warm, incisive resin. Here,there's no mysticism, no prayer, no offering. The sole deity is the desert itself, potent, absolute, and unyielding. To illustrate CYCLE 002 we called on Bleg an artist from Lyon, who gives life to pure Posca lines. His style, a la both abstract and minimalist, transports and lets the imagination run wild the lines. It gives everyone the power to interpret freely, putting our artist's caps on.

It's this stimulation of the imagination that we were looking to through this new fragrance. We have placed the year 2023 under the sign of imagination. The one that feeds ambition and the will to do. The will to overcome obstacles and carry them beyond reason. The one that invents, shapes and creates. Today CYCLE 002 is an invitation to anticipate, predict and reinvent. With these labyrinths, Bleg depicts a future where everything is possible. You just have to get on with it.


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