"We are so proud! We have won the “Best Perfumery of the Year” award for being pioneers, because of the quality we offer in customer service and because of the brands we work with. We commit every day to support a different type of perfumery. That perfumery that take care of the customer, of the product and its creators.

This award wouldn’t have been possible without you, your support and your demand. That is the reason why we want to say THANK YOU! We want to share this with you.”

Marta y Jean-Luc

Le Secret du Marais is a French – soul boutique specialized in author perfumes and skincare brands. Our concept is for proud special people. For that reason, they choose exclusive fragrances to reinforce their unique essence.

At Le Secret du Marais we offer exclusivity and luxury in skincare and perfumes 24 hours a day thanks to our website and our social networks.


Leaders in Spain

 Le Secret du Marais was born in 2005 as a new and unique concept. We were leaders in Spain creating a new talent and devoted author skincare and perfumes brands launching platform.


100% Custom Advice

 We think that the acquisition of a new perfume is a very special experience. Because of that, at Le Secret du Marais we walk with you in this experience to find that fragrance that shows the world how special you are.


 French Expertise

 Le Secret du Marais history began in France. That's why it's in our DNA. Besides, our experts have been trained in Paris, the most iconic city in this sector.


Lovers of this subject

 We love what we do! Ingredients, fragrances, stories, memories, sensations ... We love everything of this perfume and cosmetics world. Thanks to Le Secret du Marais we can share this wonderful passion with you.


 Exquisite Raw Materials

 We only choose the best! All our brands are made with the most exquisite raw materials and the most effective active ingredients. Taking care of each detail such as the origin, collection, research and development. But also, the bottle, the stopper and the creation process and distribution.

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