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Body perfumes such as Anonymous Declarations

Each fragrance is named after a clue phrase signed with the initials of an undisclosed personality.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to change your state. A ray of sunshine, a touch of wit, a drop of perfume, why not? A scent surprises us, and without waiting, takes us somewhere else, where we would like to be. Or even better, where we didn’t even know we could go. Nothing makes a D’ORSAY perfume happier than to provoke some personality disorders. Because it’s a fact, we all have hidden resources deep inside us.

D’ORSAY fragrances are characterised by their duality, because that’s how we are.

To find your favourite fragrance, we suggest you take an olfactory portrait, which will reveal the three olfactory facets of your soul, suggesting for each one, the fragrance that corresponds according to your answers: Absolute – the essence of your soul – Unexpected – which completes you – and Defended, its dark side that we ignore or that we hide…

M.A Je suis le plus grand M.A Je suis le plus grand 2

M.A Je suis le plus grand

O.W C'est toujours agréable... O.W C'est toujours agréable... 2

O.W C'est toujours agréable d'être attendu

M.D. Nous sommes amants M.D. Nous sommes amants 2

M.D. Nous sommes amants

C.G Vouloir être ailleurs C.G Vouloir être ailleurs 2

C.G Vouloir être ailleurs

T.J. Il n'y a pas de bien... T.J. Il n'y a pas de bien... 2

T.J. Il n'y a pas de bien ni de mal

J.R. J'ai l'air de ce que... J.R. J'ai l'air de ce que... 2

J.R. J'ai l'air de ce que je suis

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