Pierre Bourdon

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Pierre Bourdon earned a degree in political science before changing directions and enrolling in the Roure Bertrand Dupont school in Grasse. The only protégé of celebrated perfumer Edmond Roudnitska, he went to work for Roure in Paris. In the 1980s, he revolutionized men's fragrance trends. Today, Pierre Bourdon is considered one of the most innovative perfumers of his generation.

Main Fragances

Kouros (1981 Yves Saint Luarent)
Cool water (1988 Davidoof)
Joop Homme (1989 Joop)
Sun (1989 Jil Sander)
Féminité du Bois (1992 Serge Lutens)
Dolce Vita (1995 Dior)
Cool Water Woman (1996 Davidoff)
Live Jazz (1998 Yves Saint Laurent)

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