O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

Le Secret du Marais | Fragrance O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

Salon Privé is the name of a the secret place where the perfumer Isabelle Burdel creates bespoke fragrances. She transcribes emotions that she shares and dedicates to personalities coming from all over the world who care for impressing uniqueness upon their signature scent. Some encounters are exceptional. A personality with a vast knowledge of international perfumery was like an aesthete taken unaware by the quality and creativity of the fragrance composed for her by Isabelle Burdel. The alchemy of remarkable materials, cast unrestrainedly in unusual, reverberates with the intangible traits of a person that she manages to render tangible. It is a revelation for this personality. From there came the desire to create with Isabelle Burdel, a brand offering exceptionnal fragrances for the most selected places in the world. O.R by Isabelle Burdel was born. O.R diminutive for O.lfactory R.evelation. Two invaluable initials, O and R echo the wealth of olfactory notes infused with the most beautiful materials that compose the fragrances.

Gifted with an intuitive sense of the world, Isabelle Burdel lives in close communion with the raw materials to which she pays homage. Natural ingredients figure largely in her compositions. Not only does her range pay tribute to them, but she actively embraces them, grappling with them on a perfumer’s organ for the project in hand as she travels the globe.
In Grasse in the south of France, Isabelle Burdel has her own field for growing flowers and experimenting alternative extraction techniques. She works independantly, in total freedom. Her technique is known for exquisite, concise compositions that infallibly accentuate the quality of the materials and the concentrations.

Ambre Fleuri Ambre Fleuri 2
O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

Ambre Fleuri

Eau de Mai Eau de Mai 2
O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

Eau de Mai

Ébène & Pluie Ébène & Pluie 2
O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

Ébène & Pluie

Iris Velours Iris Velours 2
O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

Iris Velours

Tubéreuse Solaire Tubéreuse Solaire 2
O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

Tubéreuse Solaire

Vent Bohème Vent Bohème 2
O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

Vent Bohème

Coffret O.R. By Isabelle...
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O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

Coffret O.R. By Isabelle Burdel

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