Leather Forever

Leather Forever Arabian Edition

This new Leather Forever De Gabor edition invites you for a royal wedding, to a journey in the Emirates. Inspired by the luxury car with the new leather smell from the airport and with the emblematic fruits of Ramadan. The top note accord starts with the noble walnut, dry fig and dry dates. In the luxury hotel lobby the French rum mesmerises you on the leather sofa to this oriental journey. The heartnotes of the perfume give you unforgettable memories of the fantastic smells of the leather Souk some days before the wedding. Each leather goods has its unique handcraft smell. Leather always links fashion and tradition with modern interpretation. Wherever you buy it, the leather tells a story of its origins. Exotic woods such as guaiacwood, mahogany and sandalwood, African cedar wood embrace the charisme of your new leather. Warm oud, sweet and delicate ambergris, mystic incense and precious sandalwood give you the unique long lasting perfume of this special, walnut coloured royal leather. The standard shipment fee is free of charge. Only for adults over 18 years old. Click on the bottle for the scent description.


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