Eight & Bob Perfume 100ml

Eight & Bob

Limited production. In January 1934 Albert  Fouquet traveled to Chile at the invitation of the Italian  ambassador. Besides enjoying the charms of the country, he took  advantage of this trip to search the Andes for aromatic plants that  would enhance his fragrances.

He returned to Paris  with several sprigs of “Andrea”, the name Albert had given the  plant whose extracts are the soul of his cologne “EIGHT & BOB”.  Andrea is a wild plant in short supply due to the altitude and  limited area in which it grows; and can only be picked during the  months of December and January. The plants gathered undergo a very  exacting selection process in which only seven percent are chosen.  This process ends between March and April and only then is it known  how many units of “EIGHT & BOB” can be bottled; and how many can  be allotted to each country.


Olfactive Family
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