Sous Le Pont Mirabeau
Sous Le Pont Mirabeau

Sous Le Pont Mirabeau

I imagined this fragrance as the soul of an architecture, at the vertical and horizontal crossroads of a whole, a symbol of absolute balance.  A woody structure with impassive and strong foundations with notes of cedar, sandalwood, orcanox™adorned with a majestic vanilla. 'How slow life is' -Guillaume Apollinaire
Time goes by; fleeting friend or foe, water runs, trickles, makes its way and reflects in its wake the silent tumult of the sky. Tilted on the shore, the vibrant and luminous nature resumes its rights and releases fresh and sparkling notes of bergamot, elemi, green and fruity accents of fig and violet leaves, bright and spicy facets of pink berry. A fragrance that is both powerful and in motion. A fragrance inspired by Guillaume Apollinaire's famous poem, which makes the Pont Mirabeau resonate and gives it a dreamlike place. 

Top: Bergamot -Italy HE , Sustainable Pink Pepper Pure JE™, Elemi HE , Fig Accord
Heart: Incense Superessence , Water Accord, Ozonic Accord, Violet
Base: Cedarwood -Virginia Upcycled  Sandalwood HE  Orcanox™Upcycled  Musks


Olfactive Family
Marine - Aquatic
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