Globe Trotter Zinc

Globe Trotter Zinc

Travel Atomizer Zinc. As the creator of some amazing fragrances, Monsieur Kurkdjian knows a thing or two about scent and, obviously in his global role, a great deal about travel. Et Voila! The Globe Trotter is the spring’s chicest proposal, in zinc or gold to contain your own personal touch of luxury; as described by Francis himself, the Globe “something precious to carry with you”.

The idea that we wish to feel comfortable wherever we are, from plane cabin to hotel room, means that he put his brain to work on a method of creating an easy way to imbue every location with our preferred fragrance from the maestro’s line. Whether you’re an APOM man, an Amyris woman or simply a lover of his transcendant Oud scent, there is a Globe trotter ready to go with you.

Nestled within the immaculate perfection of its box is the perfect combination of size, eight and restrained design elegance to take wherever you go; coming with its own Europassport coloured tiny pochette to protect and cover the K shaped lines of the Globetrotter holder, the total kit comes with three phials to fill it. So simply pick up, and fly off into the wide blue yonder.


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