The Dawn

The Dawn

The Dawn. White snake clutch. Inspired by Art Deco, the sensual clutch incarnates the temptation with a golden snake.  KILIAN PARIS is offering a range of clutches to associate with your favorite scent. Any clutch can be chosen to go with any perfume from any olfactive category. 

KILIAN PARIS accessories have evolved into covetable objects of desire in their own right. Unique coffrets and clutches uplift the tactical and visual experience of perfume and further open the playing field of style.
This white clutch is inspired by a slim cigarette case deeply rooted in Art Deco, ornamented with a gold-toned snake—the ultimate symbol of temptation— waiting with flickering crystal eyes. Carry the clutch as an evening bag, it stores essential items safely, with a satisfying click-to-close clasp. 


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