Quote: ‘There is a certain flavor of freedom, simplicity()a certain fascination with limitless horizons, direct routes, nights without shelter, life without excess...’ Théodore Monod, ‘Méharées, exploration au vrai désert.’

The COVID period was a shock, and everyone was forced to slow down in a time when performance and profitability are held as sacred. Yet, some saw it as a beneficial
period: an opportunity to reassess, rethink one's life, and ponder one's true aspirations.

ORANGER SIROCCO was born out of a desire to imagine an olfactory landmark, a sensory compass that is both bright, joyful, and reassuring in response to a time where everyone consciously or unconsciously wonders what tomorrow will bring.

ORANGER SIROCCO embodies a return to simpler values, presents itself as an ode to life, and aims to be somewhat contemplative. From the first notes, the mind is carried away by a warm, shimmering wind of sand, on the other side of the Mediterranean, in the heart of an orange grove. With closed eyes, scents and sounds intertwine: the powerful and intoxicating fragrance of orange blossoms, echoing the distant hustle and bustle of a souk, where the aroma of spices mixes in waves, saturating the regular breath of the sirocco.

Antoine LIE, master perfumer: ‘this creation consists of mnemonic and familiar ingredients to our olfactory memory, particularly orange blossom and cinnamon. It takes you to the heart of an orange grove, traversed by a warm breeze that caresses you with spicy and luminous notes, reassuring and sensual. The use for the first time in perfumery of an exceptionally refined extract of Royal Cinnamon from Laos, specially developed by the Atelier Français des Matières, contributes to this perception of radiance and sensuality’.


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