Ganymede Extrait

Ganymede Extrait

This world is so loaded with aromatics that it becomes combustible, its sky is gleaming with mandarin and holy fumaroles of incense and myrrh…

It’s a planet with warm dunes where spicy and caramelized everlasting flower rushes. Fiery heart of this fragrance, it reminds that gods gave Ganymede eternal life. Is it a burning skin hidden under the wild leather? World perfume or carnal one, this precious extract of perfume deploys in it is dizzying trail the seduction of a great classic.

“Ganymede’s twin brother with a much more seductive character”

Ganymede / Ganymede EXTRAIT : a matching dreamlike universe. A boiling hot sandy beach, vapor or heat mist? A heady dune, endless fields of Immortal flowers. Salty waves blown away by the everlasting winds. A virgin & magnetic imaginary landscape Ganymede is an ocean of salty water blown away by the winds, Ganymede EXTRAIT is a field of Immortal flowers, on boiling hot white sand by the shore of this very same ocean.

Ganymede is a soft and mineral leather scent, Ganymede EXTRAIT is a spicy and hot leathery fragrance. Ganymede singular scent is being deepened with overdosed Immortal flowers and an addition of myrrh and incense.

“A dune covered with Immortelle, washed by the shallow of the same ocean as Ganymede”

Notes: Everlasting Flower, Incense, Myrrh, Safraleine, Akigalawood, Mandarin.

Nose behind: Quentin Bisch


Olfactive Family
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