Composed by perfumer Quentin Bisch, Ganymede once again makes use of the suede-leathery notes that had made B683 a beautiful classic. This time though, the artists emancipated from traditional codes to take us somewhere else, towards a luminous and fluid elegance. 

Those leather notes become softer, gaining lightness and gentleness in contact with the fragrance of violet. The mandarin smell brings its full vivacity and its acidic essence. The latter gives the tone and verticality of the fragrance from the very start. Yet opposing it, the immortelle is its counterpoint and raises the scented harmony with its double-sided fragrance, at times mineral, at other times salty.



The entire composition plays with contrasts and oppositions. The notes answer one another in a permanent conversation drawing a new olfactory map on the skin, on the revers of a cashmere jacket, or even right there, next to the buttons of the sleeves, on the wrist. If it could be summed up into one single image, it would be a compass : north for the zested liveliness of the mandarin to which the south would answer with the everlasting flower and to highlight this olfactory frame, the density of suede notes on the west would balance the subtle and delicate florality of the violet on the east. Those are four directions for a perfumed journey to a new imaginary world and new codes of elegance. Ganymede is not only a perfume with a good smell, which lasts on the skin and offers an intriguing trail. It is also a good perfume. Indeed, its natural stability has allowed us to avoid butylated hydroxytoluene. BHT has often been criticized but is still very often used as a preservative for perfumes and cosmetics. The choice of many of the natural essences and the decision to bring the perfume concentration to 25% gave it a beautiful light gold hue. The color may evolve over the time but has needed no colorant nor UV protection filters. As we are concerned about helping to reduce our exposure to chemical compounds that are suspected of disrupting our health, we have simplified the composition of this second perfume to use only perfumed concentrate in denatured alcohol.

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