L'Homme Aux Gants

L'Homme Aux Gants

When modern perfumers meet great painting Masters. The brand Parfums MDCI Paris has commissioned a group of trusted perfumers to create fragrances inspired by painting masterpieces. This stunning portrait of an unknown young man, probably a Venetian painted by The Titian circa 1523 has inspired Nathalie Feisthauer this refined and moving fragrance. The original painting can be admired in the Louvre Museum, Paris.

The Story behind the Perfumes. We asked perfumers to translate in fragrances the ideas, feelings, images, emotions inspired by some carefully selected painting masterpieces. These paintings are the inspiration for four masculine fragrances, and shall be followed later by four feminine fragrances, based on four different paintings some also from the Louvre Museum or some from other collections.

Each painting evokes a particular character, epoch, ambiance, location (Venice, a battlefield, France, the English country etc.), on which each perfumer can express herself or himself. Cécile Zarokian has given me her “Blue Boy” that I had to name “Bleu Satin” as the name “Blue Boy” had been copyrighted, Nathalie Feisthauer has composed for Géricault’s warring horseman named “Cuir Cavalier” and The Titian’s L’Homme aux Gants.


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